Sten’s Saga

     Sten was born at an early age long ago. He always sang, rarely bothering to speak as a child. His first gig was as an alto with the Royal High Preparatory School choir in Edinburgh Scotland. He tried piano, but became obsessed with the wrinkles on the piano teacher’s hands and failed to progress. He then tried his lips at trumpet. It was as a trumpet player that Sten earned early fame as a recording artist, featured as the third solo horn on “Bright Eyes” in the legendary Frontenac Secondary School sessions – alas, out of print. His career in high gear, Sten joined a fledgling band. With two burly brothers on rhythm, a schoolmate on sax and keys, and Sten on trumpet, this un-named ensemble quickly mastered 11 songs and a spot on the Kingston Ontario church basement circuit. Critics were unanimous in their call for a vocalist – but Sten was hired as a trumpet player and did not want to dilute his art. The solution was to hire a singer and a guitar player. Sigma was born. This band progressed to playing ground floor venues, and at times even performed on stages.

     One cold spring evening Sigma was playing outside at Kingston’s Lake Ontario Park. They were alone, except for a small band of musicians out searching for a new singer. By now Sten had realized that trumpet only really worked in the odd song, and he had once again found his voice – now tenor. He was approached on leaving the stage and asked to join a touring rock and roll dance band. At seventeen he had found his first full time job. Showdown toured extensively for almost two years in satin shirts and velvet suits, until ragged and disheartened, the band disbanded.  .next page.